envision Design Center Manager

Design Center Manager enables manufacturers to communicate sales strategies and product features directly to the design center staff – the people who sell their products.

Design center staff can see which options buyers have pre-selected so they can pull samples and target upsell opportunities.

Builder staff is better prepared for design center visits and can anticipate the needs of buyers by viewing buyers' online activity, including the time spent shopping and items saved in their "wish list."

DCM ensures that design center staff automatically have the most up-to-date product information at their fingertips, instead of searching for information in outdated, dog-eared binders.

During the studio appointment, DCM allows staff to confirm buyers’ tentative choices from their wish lists or select other options from the complete product catalog.

Design center staff can instantly integrate selections into another system or print a contract addendum directly from DCM.

Design center staff can give consumers a printed options catalog to take home.